Is that the time already?

Hey all,

About a month has passed since my last post and I had some free time between uni meetings so I thought I would come and grace you all with the presence of yet another rambling post!

I guess firstly I should mention that it was my birthday last week *blows party streamer thing*. Yes I’m statistically another year wiser, but probably not, knowing me at least. I spent my entire birthday-day streaming on Twitch. It was a good time, loads of people hanging around and having a laugh and got some good games in. Was a nice time. I also got raided my a good friend of mine on Twitch and Twitter and my brain stopped working for a time in mass panic!

Past that, uni is pretty good at the minute. I am in my last semester now and I had to fill out a form yesterday booking my place at the graduation ceremony; scary stuff to think about. I have been here for four years now and really don’t want to do a post-grad any time soon, but still; it only feels like yesterday I was working at DWP doing admin work.

Thinking about that stuff always makes me reflect on how lucky I have been really. For all the complaining I do about my life generally, those things are often my own fault. But I have been blessed to meet and work with some amazing people in my time. I made some great friends in school that I have kept ever since. Although college did suck the big one, I got to work with some fantastic people during the two dead years between college and never finding an actual full time job.

I love my Scout troop and everyone in it. My apprenticeship and placement with the Department of Work and Pensions, despite pushing me do something better with myself, were overall really good experiences. I learned a lot, gained new skills and was always surrounded by decent people. Talking with others nowadays, I feel most fortunate; most people run into an a***hole manager or colleague at some point, but not me.

Anywho, uni ‘study’ is going good. I only have two module this semester, and one of them is my dissertation. After next week, I effectively don’t have any more lectures, just a mountain of reading and writing ahead of me. The joy.

However, my extra curricular activities are mounting up. Because I have so much ‘free’* time ahead of me, I decided to sign up for a few Outreach events for the next couple of months. When I say a few, it is more like ten or so. Some are being run and managed under the same events, but they are spread out over the next few months.

*Free time is probably a lie, it is time I am not at uni or scouts which I should probably be using to read of write for my degree, but often choose not too!

The reason I got into this swamp of activities is because, during the ‘null zone’ between Christmas and New Years, I was blindly positively responding to every email I got from uni, saying I was free to work on every and all Outreach event going on for the next quarter. It was only after I started back at uni that I was realised how much I had took on.

I suppose it isn’t no bad thing. Knowing me, I probably won’t be doing anything constructive in that time anyway. Hell, even I will probably panic write my dissertation in the last two weeks of the semester (although hopefully not!) And I suppose I could do with the money. I spent a lot of my student loan on new equipment for streaming, clothes and such. This is not mentioning the Nintendo Switch I bought yesterday.

I guess most importantly it looks good on my C.V. when it comes to job hunting. I am looking for work at a university doing the sort of stuff I am doing on these events. Outreach and Widening participation. Working with kids and schools, events management and all that good stuff. I really enjoy it and hope I can get into a role somewhere. I have worked with so many teams at the uni already that one of them is bound to know me when I come to applying for things!

God, how long have I been writing about my own stuff? I actually wanted to talk about Valentines day and why I think it is a horrid holiday.

Before anybody @’s me, yes I am celebrating Single’s Awareness Day; the more appropriate version of Valentines for my marital status. However, I still have a point to make: Why do we make such a big deal about the one day in the year?

Now, I am by no means an expert. I haven’t had a proper relationship in a long time, possibly ever. But for the people that are special to me, I haven’t waited for that one day to come round to spoil them. If anything, I am excited to meet that special person for me, to be able to treat them like my valentines every day of the year, not just on the one. Given; I am a poor, overweight student that still lives at home and plays an almost unhealthy amount of video games where any informal social interaction fills me with anxiety; but y’know, I’m not an asshole; usually.

Ironically, if you was somehow interested in the above biography, please do @ me xD!

I went on a dark, self-loathing tangent there, but my point is, Valentines day should not need to be stressful, or particularly special for couples. Should we not always be treating our loved ones? Doesn’t need to be flowers and dinner dates. The little things matter too, breakfast in bed, being tidy around the house, getting tea ready for when they get home from work, being there for them, caring about them. If you treat them special all year round, do you really need a day dedicated to it?

Again, I’m not an expert. I can imagine all couples of different. Valentines day can be romantic for some, and pointless to others. I have met couples that love it as an excuse to fob the kids off and dedicate some time to their relationship. Some celebrate it a week before or after to avoid the crowded restaurants and inflated prices. Some just don’t bother with it. Everything is fine, do whatever works for you.

I guess I am more bothered by the people that take advantage of their partners. Where Valentines day is seen as a burden because they are so unfamiliar with showing affection or appreciation for their significant other. It almost upsets me that a day is needed to remind them that they should show them how much they mean to them. That should be everyday.

Anyway, pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) is more my style *pats belly*.

Much unconditional love,



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