Once in a Blue Moon!

I am really good at this whole blogging thing. I maintain coherant sentences, post regularly, and run a spell checker before posting it. Bah, who am I kidding, I don’t even do any of that with my essay work.

Yes I am back again with another appology for not posting, and no real reason to excuse it. I seem to have lost the vigor I had when I started this page. Nothing at university really bothers me enough to think of a topic to write about. It is not I have feel out of love with writing, not by any amount, I just never feel I have anything engaging to discuss. Nothing in this semester has really entertained me honestly, and it is doubtful next semester will be any better, mainly as I only have 1 module that isn’t my dissertation, which is equally a ‘meh’ topic to talk about.

I have been tempted to start writing short stories, or at least practise writing more generally, both creatively and otherwise. I have been told I should do some creative stuff a few times in the past, but usually forget or get caught up doing something else equally unhelpful. But more lately I have felt guilty for not adding anything here, and then more-so for not writing at all. I may have to start something. Even if it is just a few paragraphs a week just to get the ball rolling. Try and create charecters and be really descriptive about them.

I never heard anything back about the Runescape story I wrote a few months ago, although they never really announced any winners. Maybe my work did get in and I never checked the library for it, will need to get on that. I buy a yearly subscription to Runescape, well… yearly. But hardly log on it. I enjoy my time on it but it is a slippery slope of procrastination. My uni work isn’t that pressing at the moment, although I am almost 100% sure I should be taking my dissertation more seriously than I am; but what kind of student would I be if I didn’t panic write by magnum opus in a coffee fueled rage in May?

Anyway, I wanted this post to be a catch-up really. Winter has fully grasped Sheffield in the time since I last posted anything so I thought I should put something out at least. University has been kinda half and half really. I have had a set of lectures I have really loved about learning. Quiet a theoretical area for something we all do without really thinking about it, but it reminds me a lot of the things I enjoyed about Psychology and its varying areas. The assessments for the module have been unique too, interesting questions to answer, and with the second essay, also a unique way of answering. I was able to record a podcast that was graded for one, which was a new thing for me.

The other modules have been less interesting. I have a psychology module which, although I love the area, is horribly boring. The first 8 or so lectures were revisiting subjects that I learned about in college, and then again of my psychology degree. As interesting as it all is, I don’t need it a second or third time. It has picked up a little towards the end of the module as the tutor has started discussing authors and works that he personally finds more interesting, instead of giving it the broad brush treatment.

My last module is philosophy. Honestly I don’t have the foggiest what it is all about. I have disliked the structure of the lectures so much that I stopped attending them after around 4 weeks. Rather than teaching anything, the lecturer asks us to find papers discussing two topics, and then we discuss them. That is essentially the whole lecture. Thinking I can make better use of my Tuesday mornings (like writing a blog for three people at a push). I am not sure how that essay is going to turn out in January, but we can worry about that later. We got a 3-day extension on it for reasons unknown to me, but I’ll take it.

Past uni, the whole Buddhism thing has slipped a little. I haven’t meditated in a fair few weeks, swearing is back to its original capacity, but I have tried to be more thoughtful of others… and I still haven’t had any alcohol. It is not that I have lost interest in it, I have just struggled to make time to dedicate to meditating regularly, which I feel was the thing holding the plan together. The other issue was that I felt I really should have had some help to make sure I was doing it properly. Podcast and YouTube are great and all, but some people have said it is not quite the same as engaging with the community and a teacher. That kind of put me off a bit. I can’t readily access a Buddhist centre so I have got a little dispondent with it. I will try and practise it as best as I can in my own way for now, but I will have to pick it up more full time when I can travel around easier.

Speaking of which, I should be fine to start learning how to drive again at some point. The opticians said that my current prescription is good enough to let me start driving again. It has been a fair few years so I was behind the wheel, but I was pretty decent when I was driving. I never took my test, but I had around 20 lessons and was almost really to book one. Although back then I had no money and could afford the test, or the lessons really. Kinda like I am now, but as I am getting to the end of my degree, getting a full time job might change things hopefully.

On the job front, I have been looking around Sheffield Uni and other local-ish ones for roles in Outreach and Widening participation. I loved my placement with the Outreach team and I have enjoyed running similar events through this year so far, both as a volunteer and a student ambassador. Actually being able to work in that area would be great. I am not sure if I would want to do it long term though. Teaching still comes up every so often. I love what I do at Scouts, and putting that to use in a primary school also sounds great, but it would mean another year of training beforehand. I will have to see, I hadn’t really ruled out going to China to teach English yet, if anything just do something new for a bit, but maybe that would help me decided if teaching was the way to go, or not.

I also started dating recently. Well I say dating, I have been on one. But one is more than the sum total of none over the pastlike eight years. I have been talking to a few people on Snapchat and Tinder (yeah, I know I swore I would never use it.) but nothing serious has really happened yet. I am still half on the fence about if I should really bother until after I finish uni. It will just be another thing that I priorotise over my uni work which probably will not be a good thing in the long run. Either way, that’s happening, at least for now.

Finally, I have decided to start learning an instrument. Typical of me I have gone for a Ukuelele, for the mix of being borderline novelty, and that it is supposed to be easy to learn. I have always wanted to learn an instrument but like most things, I never really stick with them. I have tried several guitars and keyboard in the past. I have worked on them for a couple of months then stopped. I am never sure if it is because I get bored or just grow frustrated with my poor progress. Probably both knowing me. I wanted to start learning something again though because of Scouts. We had a music night one Friday I had chance to just mess around with a Uku then, and it made me want to pick one up for myself. If I get good enough, I could start taking it down on troop nights or out onto camps to help with songs as such, not sure if I have that level of confidence though, but we will see.

I think that is about it for me really, recap for the past 3 months or so done. I will consider trying to write more often. Anything I like or want to share I will post here most likely. Other than that, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I am assuming I won’t get around to writing anything before that point!

Much love,



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